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Today I live my life from the inside out and encourage others to do the same.

The road that John and I travelled together has taken us over many miles but it has been the path within that has provided us with the greatest rewards.

We seem to spend most of our time between our home provinces of BC and Ontario these days but are always open to new adventures and possibilities as each one presents itself.

I received my Diploma from the Department of Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University in 1986 with First Class Honours majoring in Fitness and Health. Extending my studies in natural health while in the USA in the '90's I earned my Diploma as a Holistic Health Counsellor Certified by the American Society of Alternative Therapists in Massachusetts.

I am naturally interested in women's health, fitness and beauty especially as we mature. I have found that age and beauty are not polar opposites but with grace and wisdom can actually work in harmony with us, enhancing and accentuating our inner spirit to shine forth as we age.

Over the years my sphere of interests has expanded into a passion for writing, absorbing books on the new discoveries in the many frontiers of science and more recently feeling the inspiration to share my experiences through speaking on the many issues which motivate a conscious change for the betterment of us as individuals and how a shift in our attitudes and lifestyles can benefit both our inner and outer environment.

I have written several manuscripts which are not published as yet and range from my autobiography, poetry to the consciousness of mind and the connections to the quantum world entitled “A Quantum Leap of Consciousness” which was my latest pet project.

My first attempt at writing came from the inspiration of my own struggle with eating disorders entitled “Mind Over Matter” which explains how intricately connected our thoughts and beliefs are in maintaining our overall well being, the benefits of exercise on health and our attitudes towards life in general that affect our eating habits.

In 2003 I began writing my autobiography called “Off the Deep End” Despite having finished the text , the book is still not yet complete. Today as my life unfolds and my memories and lessons continue to crystallize, my story could be told with far greater clarity and relevance than ever before.

It's important for me to mention that regardless of the emotional aftermath of the Olympics, I wouldn't have traded all the wonderful experiences I had competing in sport and all the intangible rewards it left in my life and would encourage others to participate at some level.

Also on another very positive note, I am recently encouraged by the progressive changes at the national level of Canada's sports governing bodies.

The Canadian Olympic Committee implemented an innovative program called Own The Podium which proved successful in the overall medal count in 2010. However having said this I was personally troubled on a number of occasions where perhaps the overzealousness of the program and the enthusiasm of the Vancouver Organizing Committee ran rough shod over a more gracious and inclusive approach to running the Games. The exclusion of the women’s ski jumping request, the expulsion of the Right to Play in the athlete’s village and the abysmal handling of the tragic death of the Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili, showed little compassion or empathy on behalf of the Canadian people in the eyes of the world. Also, the lopsided biasness of sharing training times and facilities with visiting teams was very unlike us as Canadians coupled with the numerous examples of the suppression of civil liberties and the over the top security measures and spending of over a $Billion Dollars was not a complementary reflection of what Canada once stood for and embraced.

It is one thing to aspire to winning gold medals however there is no need to be nasty or arrogant in order to attain those lofty ideals. I have learned that a true Champion competes with grace remaining consistent with the spirit of what the Games exemplify.

At present our summer athletes have their own version of Own the Podium geared for the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games in London called the Road to Excellence Program. Hopefully this will prove successful for our summer athletes as well. Although to be fair the funding for this program pales in comparison to the Dollars spent on hosting the Winter Games in 2010.

Swim Canada under the coaching of Pierre Lafontaine has improved our national outlook by leaps and bounds and our swimmers have regained their faith in the system and the direction in which they are going.

I also extend my hand to the federal government who made good on their promise to financially allocate the funding to help support our amateur athletes which had long been withheld.

My own personal journey both inward and outward has brought me graciously to this point in my life.

I am grateful that the lessons of my journey have taught me compassion for the disadvantaged, the true underdogs of life who feel voiceless and powerless in our materialistic society and for those who suffer from the consequences of post traumatic stress and depression, understanding the price one pays by feeling alone in their pain.

In the same context I can also appreciate and understand the importance of mental health to our overall well being and the cost to our society when we stigmatize those who suffer in isolation and rejection. It is not until we make a cultural shift in our attitudes and treatment for those afflicted will we be able to make any significant progress in addressing and healing the ills of mankind.

Encouraged by the tremendous response to my website from countries all over the globe, from Europe to Australia to places in between, my journey is but a fragment of the intricate fabric of life of which we are all but a single thread within a common framework. It reminds us of our similarities rather than our differences.

Today, as the world faces the tremendous tensions and emotional stresses of everyday life along with the dramatic economic downturns in our global economy we need to shift our values and priorities using these struggles individually to transform ourselves into a more compassionate society.

I truly hope my story can help inspire others who face their own adversities, doubts and personal disappointments. I now understand that struggle has a complementary nature to it. Every negative circumstance we experience has hidden within it a positive element which when brought to light can strengthen rather than weaken us.

It is when we can still journey on with determination even if the odds are stacked against us, and keep a hopeful heart made lighter with the gift of laughter and a healthy sense of ourselves. It is when we can reframe our attention on the simplest of things, to be mindful by finding small joys in kind words and actions and to be fully present when we do it – It is then, when we truly get it.

Today as I share my lessons and assist others in living healthier more meaningful lives gives me far greater purpose in my own life, no matter how small a contribution it may be.

Inspired by the interest and response I've had to my story on my website from all around the world I am now scheduling myself for speaking and counselling especially for those struggling with losses and disappointments and support their courage to heal.

I also encourage any organization or corporation to contact me that share mutual interests and goals as there is always greater power in numbers than one can possibly accomplish alone.

In addition I invite enquiries from agents or publishers interested in my story as I believe the timing couldn't be better to help others who face losing everything, how one struggles and copes against all odds and eventually transforms adversity into strength.

I appreciate hearing from my readers and encourage any comments. Please refer to my contact page for email address.

For specific enquiries on speaking, counselling or other related issues please contact: jwatt@elainetanner.ca

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UPDATE:  Elaine has just completed written in her own words a new site titled "Quest Beyond Gold".
Click here to view, or vist www.questbeyondgold.ca

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